Best of 2012 Part 1: Trips


Spending the New Year on a beach town in Vietnam with my best friend, his new wife, and their family and closest friends snorkeling in the deep sea and eating dinner on an Island that overlooked the ocean and town.



Although I was alone and didn’t speak the language, exploring Taipei and learning its subway system was an exhilarating experience. The best part though, wasn’t seeing Lung Shan Temple, 101 or the Sihlin Night Market, but having a couple of girls offer me a milk box because I’d been watching them practice their dance routine near the  Chiang Kai-shek memorial.


San Francisco

  • Spending the weekend at “Hotel Tinito:” It is impossible for me to articulate this man, but he’s the kindest, happiest, and most thoughtful person I’ve ever met.
  • Night before my cousin’s wedding: Meeting up with the family at a bar, and singing Karaoke. I loved that even though we hadn’t seen each other in years, it was like we’d never been apart a day in our lives.
  • My cousin’s Wedding: Watching my uncle strut down the aisle with his “cool Dad” walk, and watching the couple exchange vows.
  • My friend and his kids: We were walking to the park one day when his daughter caught me glancing down at her. Her reaction was to close the canopy and hide behind it. This made me smile and wish I could be a kid again. Only kids can get away with breaking social standards and be considered “cute” for doing it.


Montreal & Quebec

Trying the trapeze lessons and seeing Cirque du Soleil in a real circus tent were fantastic, but nothing will beat going through customs and being threatened with arrest for “lying” about having pepper spray in the car and bringing “gifts” into the country.

Atlantic City

  • Walking and drinking along the beach at night
  • The Madonna concert!



  • Staying up all night, talking by the campfire catching up with an old friend.
  • Exploring an abandoned mining town in the fog.
  • Playing strip poker and challenging the looser to knock on the neighboring cabin’s door (buck naked)
  • Hike to two lakes
  • Getting tattoos at the country fair.
  • Everything about Alaska is wonderful!

Utah/ Birthday Oct. 2012

  • My little brother exclaiming “You are RIDICULOUS!” when I started crying like a crazy person when I saw him and my niece for the first time in two years!
  •  Getting to celebrate my other niece’s birthday with her and the family, and receiving a homemade birthday card from her.
  • Watching niece #1 freak out at the site of a bee!
  • Watching my brother act and react like a dad to things my niece does and says, then act like a little boy in love when interacting with his girlfriend.
  • Meeting his girlfriend and liking her the moment I met her! (Usually I have to warm up to my siblings significant others)
  • Spending time with my BFFs
  • Spending my birthday with my goddaughter and BFF during the day, and my brother and his best girl in the evening. They even surprised me with delicious cupcakes, and beer. It was perfect!

Arkansas, Nov. 2012

Teasing my dad for being an overprotective parent, and meeting my new baby brother.

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