New Year’s Resolutions 2013 Begin Today! Feb. 10 in Honor of Chinese New Year!


Breaking with the tradition of starting on my birthday. Instead I decided that January would be a trial run, and the resolutions would coincide with Chinese New Years. So, here they are. They are not meant to start right away, but to be a habit or met by the end of the year.

Physical Fitness

    • Be able to do 10 burpees in a row (using proper formation)
      • Go to 30,60,90 at least once  week
      • Do 10 pushups once  week (Starting in March)
    • Run a 1/2 marathon in 2.5 hours
      • One long run per week  or 30 minutes of cycling (Winter)
      • One long run per week in Spring/Summer/Fall
      • Squats and lunges once per week
      • Sign up to run a couple of half marathons
    • Increase flexibility
      • Stretch for 30 minutes 3x per week or attend  yoga class
      • Messages at least once a month
      • Sign up for a dance class (Starting in March or April)


    • Eat at least 5 salads per week (must be 5 different days. have until May to implement)
    • Take multi-vitamin (Make this a habit by April)
    • Eat breakfast at least 5 times pre week (Make habit by end of March)
    • Drink at least 4 glasses of water per day (make habit by March)
    • Eat an average of 1500 calories per day per week
      • Exceptions on high athletic days when more calories are needed, and special occasions
      • Track calorie intake on Looseit or similar website
    • Limit desserts to twice per week 
      • Give up dessert for Lent

Emotional Health

    • RelaxMake
      • Massages at least once per month
      • Get eight hours of sleep at least 4X per week
      • Treat self to alone at a movie, cafe, library, or home (cleaning/housekeep doesn’t count), at least once per week
    • Be active in maintaining relationships with old friends
      • Make a point of reaching out to them throughout the year to check in
      • Send e-birthday and holiday cards
    • Be active in maintaining relationships with new friends
      • Accept their invitations
      • Support them in their endeavors
      • Invite them to join in your activities
    • Land a New Job that is a better personality fit
    • Date!


    • Go on an average of 1 date per month
      • Join an online dating site (Starting Now)
        • Give the guys a chance-at least meet them for coffee
        • Give them at least 1/2 hour before writing them off
        • Write about the date and learn from it
      • Go to coffee shops and various places on your own, and be open to meeting people when you go
      • Do “singles” activities via meetup, athletic groups, or with girlfriends at least once a month (starting in April or May)
      • Do not have physical relations with anyone unless the relationship is defined before hand (no matter how much you like them!!!!!)
        • Keep all first dates to work nights
        • End all dates before midnight
        • Let them walk you to the subway or get you a cab, but do not let the drive you home
      • Be yourself from day one
        • Be honest in your opinions
        • Find the courage to say what you actually think and feel
      • Avoid all old flings

Professional Development

    • Continue to apply for new positions
    • Take professional development courses
    • Learn to network
    • Gain self-confidence!!!!
      • Keep a written record of success
      • Learn from negative experiences and use the frustration to excel


    • Write the book series proposal (February)
    • Write the outline to the book (February)
    • Send Mami the outline with illustration ideas (March or April)
    • Begin Revisions (April/May)
    • Beging process of self publishing (June/July)
    • Have self-published digital book in English by October and in Spanish by January 1.
      • Give copies to all the kids in the family for Christmas/Reyes depending on where they live
    • Post to blog at least once every other week (Habit by end of March)
    • Do grammar and spelling exercises once per week (Habit by May)


    • See both brothers, sister, and parents at least once a year
    • Video chat with the kids at least once a month
    • Send the kids card for their birthdays, and holidays
    • Do an athletic event with Luis, Xiomara, and Alysha once this year
    • Support Xiomara’s artistic and Carlos’s musical endeavors
    • Donate to Taylor’s animal causes once per year
    • Send e-card or regular card to aunts and uncles (Jorge, Edu, Tachi, Dorita, Alex, Zully) for B-days and holidays


    • Go on one “Big” Trip 
    • Go on one small, relaxing (none to short agenda) trip per year
    • Go on one beach vacation per year (Puerto Rico) counts

Check on resolutions progress once per month and make needed adaptations to meet goals!

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