Memorial Day Poem 2013


Memorial Day Hike 2013, a set on Flickr.

Spent Memorial Day hiking across the river from West Point with a military crowd. We had fun.

After the hike, I took  a moment of silence to honor the men and women who gave the

ultimate sacrifice for our country. Then another to appreciate those who came

back and continue to service us today. Somehow, that didn’t seem like enough, so I wrote the poem below. 


A Family’s Loss Became Our Gain, Let No Soldier’s Life Be Lost in Vain

They lie together, rain or shine

Spirits proud over time,

Protecting us from above

Forget about forbidden costs

They lay at rest, in bitter snow


Row after row

A father sheds forbidden tears

A mother holds a picture near

A brother, sister, child, and cousin

Send a silent prayer to heaven

A lover kneels beside the grave

A grief too strong, a heart so brave

Yet stand they do with chins held high

Honor they will not deny

For on this day they come together

All as one they form a tether

To those we’ve lost along the way

In keeping enemies at bay

A family’s loss, became our gain

To them our freedoms came with pain

Our country’s defense did not come free

So on this day to you I plea!

Honor that son, sister, or brother

Who gave their all to save another

Stand strong beside a mending heart

Show pride in those who did depart

Let no soldier’s life be lost in vain

Take time to read the endless names

Stand tall, be brave, and place a flag

Be unafraid to care or be sad

Respect those who held our country dear

Say a Thanks aloud for all to hear

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