Life in Pennsylvania: Week 1

My new life in Pennsylvania has gotten off to a good start. I’m a little lonely, but that’s to be expected considering I don’t know anyone.

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The new job is pretty cool. I like my new boss and colleagues, and best of all, my responsibilities kick ass. I get to work with sales reps, market books, brainstorm titles, and develop this site. There’s a lot to each component. I think it’s going to take me a couple of months to get into a rhythm and maybe a few weeks to get organized.

My New Home

I love my new apartment. It’s huge compared to my old studio. The neighbor’s seem nice, and it’s close enough to work, bars, and the grocery store for me to walk to. A car is going to be necessary for developing a social life and getting around.

Location of First Date

Location of First Date


It’s my first week and it already looks like dating is going to be much easier here than it ever was in NY. Within a day of re-activting my online account, I setup three dates. The first one was Saturday night and I had a blast! It wasn’t heart stopping (I don’t want this night to end, please lets spend the rest of our life together), like it was with the guy I was seeing this time last year, but it was good.

He’s cute, easy to talk to, fun, attentive, and polite. He has a nice smile, eyes, and dimples. No creepy comments, very complimentary, looked in my eyes all night, and respected my limits. I’d totally go out with him again.

If this is a sign of what’s to come, then this site may start sounding less like Taylor Swift inspired music, and more like happy-go-lucky pop music.

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This weekend I decided to ride into the city from my place. It’s 13 miles each way, but the ride goes pretty fast. During the ride, I saw a dragon boat race, and checked out a few of the monument. I also met a guy. I’d stopped to read a sign, and he started talking to me out of the blue. Eventually he asked for my number and I figured, why not? Who knows where the future will lead, but for now, the present seems fine.

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Well, Felipe was pretty scared. He hds in his litter box the first hour of the first day. Eventually he came out to explore. He’s mostly been hiding under my bed. It makes me sad that he’s not meowing at the door for me when I come home. It usually takes me a while to coax him from his hiding place. He must’ve been feeling brave today because he ventured outside for a minute. However, the second one of the neighbors walked out, Felipe bolted back into the aptartment. Hopefully he’ll get comfortable soon.

That’s all the update for now!

Have a great week!


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