Have Faith in Your Wild Kids and be Weary of the Good Kids

Phone conversation between me and my BFF 15 years ago on a typical Friday night.

Me: “What’re you up to?”

BFF: “Sneaking out of the house and going to a party. Want to come?”

Me: “Um . . . no. Drugs and alcohol scare me.”

BBF: [Laughing] no one is going to bother you about that.”

Me: “I’m still going to say no.”

BFF: “Cool. What’re you doing tonight?”

Me: “Homework, and I might go see a movie.”

Conversation last night:

BFF: “What’re you doing?”

Me: “I’m on my way to a bar. Meeting up with some people I met earlier.”

BFF: Laughing, “Our lives are so different.”

Me: “Why, what’re you doing tonight?”

BFF: “I’m  at the convention center waiting to listen to a preacher.”

Our friendship amazes me.

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