In Memory of Charles Saltkill and Those Who Went Before Him

Written in Memory of Charles and the other friends that went before him. I don’t know why God keeps taking our young people, but I hope that wherever you are, you’re happy.

They say that we’re too young

To ever say good-bye

Are youth makes us invincible,

But that is just a LIE.


The first to leave was Emily–

A Rose in summer’s day.

Then left Grant and Tony,

And light turned into haze.


The fog had barely lifted

When Aubrey said good-bye.

And Bre went trailing after,

not too far behind.


This week you took another soul–

Reason’s unexplained.

The highest plain grows fuller

Heaven has its gain.


I’ve stopped asking question.

There’s no sense in demanding “Why?”

The point is you’re not here

To laugh with until we cry.


Instead I sit in silence,

Wondering if I’ll weep

My memories set on replay

Thinking words we’ll never speak.


So as you join the others,

Young and full of life,

I hope you smile and marvel

With a spirit free of strife.


May heaven’s gates be open

May God hold you in a deep embrace

And may your heart feel rested

As your soul fills with his grace.

3 thoughts on “In Memory of Charles Saltkill and Those Who Went Before Him

  1. Ritz, Not sure if you would remember me or not, but I guess it really doesn’t matter. Charlie & I dated several years ago. I loved what you wrote and I have to keep telling myself that he is in a much happier place with his father. I will miss him dearly. Will you be at his viewing?

    • 😦 thanks. I won’t be there. I live in Pennsylvania now, so getting to salt lake for a viewing is difficult. Went to church for him on Sunday though and said a special prayer for him. Hopefully be heard and knows he’s missed.

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