Love and Approbation

A hero lays in her wake

Hiding in the shadows

As tears carve rivers down her face

He readies her tomorrow


Alone she stands tall and proud

Stowing away her sorrow

With glistening eyes she dreams of life

Outside her cold stone tower


“What use is it,” she wonders

To be blessed with so much power

If life defies all attempts at success

Forcing one to cower


Gazing from outside he whispers

“Hold tight a little longer,

Perceiving eyes don’t lie

You yearn to burst in fire.


Don’t let the voices pull you down

Please hold on a little longer

Don’t let the voices quiet your fight

I know you’re growing stronger.”


Harboring doubt in every crevice

As she writes away her fears

Scarcely daring to hope for changes

She dreads the coming year


One nigh she stumbles upon him

Unexpected he sees her in passing

Their eyes lock

She feels a revolution coming


Her soul begins to burn once more

Alight with passionate desire

To make him proud of her

She wishes

Creating new tomorrows


With each success his face lights up

With simple admiration

Each smile he throws upon her

Fills her with elation


Slowly she begins to fall

With each conversation

A longing heart fearful

Of rejected revelations


A silent language

Speaks the truth

Of love and approbation

But to him she’ll always be

No more than one of his creations.

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