The Story of A Girl and Friendship Un-bended

Once upon a time
There lived a young clever girl
With golden locks
That settled in twirls

With innocent eyes the color of grass
She charmed all the boys
And walked with such class

That all who met her
Early on knew
That all would want to be part
Of her young little crew

So she succeeded and led
With the confidence unseen
Before in a woman
Suited to be a queen

And as her following grew
Her humility stayed
Refusing to lose sight
Of the love that she’d gained

Cultivator of loyalty and trust
Was her raison d’etre
No matter if she was in the US or Asia

So much so was the strength
In the friendships she bred
That support came in droves
When life turned its head

And while some came with guilt
And some with trepidation
Most came around to serve
One simple function

To carry on in life
The same as before
And carry on the normalcy
Of modern-day lore

To show her the friendship
That she had shown to them
When their own lives were troubled,
And they sat alone in their beds.

So together they stand
As one little unit
Inspiring havoc
On the little blue planet

Their stories and journeys
Unfolding each day
For future generations to
Romanticize and role-play

For they will grow old
Creating a legend
Of friendship and loyalty
That will be forever un-bended.

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