When Kindred Souls Collide

When kindred souls collide,
The impact can be as soft as a feather floating in the wind and gently landing on a carpet of grass on a warm summer day. It can be as comforting as a friendly hug after a long hard day or as unexpected as a lunch meeting with acquaintances soon turned friends.

When kindred souls collide,
It can be in the shortcut of a street alley, in the solace of a morning run, the security of a yoga studio, or by accidentally arriving at the wrong location only to realize that you were in the right place for the grander journey of your life.

When kindred souls collide,
It’s Mother Earth’s way of telling us to stop, listen, heal, and learn. When kindred should collide so powerfully that the the land vibrates with the impact, it is not only because it was meant to be, but also because neither soul had previously stopped to accept the helping hands that have come along the way.

Our lives are full of kindred spirits.
There are no coincidences. We drift together as we need each other and drift apart when that need is fulfilled. There is no shame in this type of life, nor in this type of friendship. Kindred spirits are never too far apart. Drifted doesn’t mean an end, because kindred spirits are destined to collide over and over again.

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