Manners Biggest Fan

I like to write silly rhymes about the people I hold dear. In this case the lesson giver is a he. It is based on a conversation I had with him tonight about his impeccable manners. Enjoy!

Every once in a lifetime
We’re destined to meet
Someone who turns
Reality on its feet

 For her he came
As a young humble man
Who happened to be
Manners biggest fan.

In a world full of narcissist
It was hard to believe
That someone existed
Who thought beyond “Me. Me. Me!”

 The first time she heard him,
She thought him a dream
When he said, “my lack of response
Is not as it seems.”

 After apologizing
He went on to convey
What had caused
His sudden delay

 Caught by surprise
She didn’t know what to say
For she hadn’t expected an
Apology relayed.

 And so she thought
This must be a fluke
What man today has the manners
Of a dark-ages duke?

 But then it happened again
And to quite his conscience
He sent her his finest
“I’m sorry” and silenced

 All the doubt
Built up in her head
With two simple words
A new trend he led

 A teacher of manners
A reflection of hope
A living example
Of kindness unbroke.

 And so moving forward
She followed his lead
Living a life built on manners
Became her new creed.

 And that is the story
From beginning to end
Of a life turned around
By a single good friend.

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