In Loving Memory of Eileen.

Recently, a childhood friend passed away unexpectedly. Even though I hadn’t spoken to her in years the sadness of her passing settled deep within my soul— perhaps an echo of a life I used to know. I believe that everyone we meet, we are meant to meet and those that have an impact  on who we become stay with us always. When they leave, we feel our loss–sometimes, as in this case, the sadness is stronger than we might have imagined. Eileen’s life was one not lived in vain. And since I couldn’t quiet my mind of memories, I wrote.


At the window she weeps in sorrow
Angry at the coming morrow
What’s the use of fighting on
When her life has come and gone?

Sadly she picks up a sweater
As she reads another letter
Her sister’s scent she holds dear
Letting flow a river of tears.

 A flood of memories takes hold
A story, which no one foretold
Twin sisters like the sun and moon
Come to us the month of June.

One shone bright through night and day
Taunting the sun to games and play
She shone mostly in the night
Guiding travelers with her light.

 A warm comfort she would bring
To many who remain unseen.
A quiet light upon this earth
A soothing calm for her since birth.

 Now gone the moon has fled her bed
The sun now weeping in her stead
Friend and sister taken flight
In the solace of the night.

 The sun now hides in the cover of clouds
Running a hand across the shrouds
Her heart breaking from despair
“Please, God, it’s too much to bear.

 Please God, take me from this time and place
Please let me see her smiling face
Please let me hear her laughter ring
Please let me sit with her and swing

Please bring back our childhood days
When we would talk the night away.
Please let me hold her close
Please let me with her life transpose.

 Please God, please GOD can’t you see
This is just too much for me!”
As she trembles in the night
Trying not to give into fright.

 A silver light begins to cast
A shadow through the open glass
To her it whispers, “Sister please,”
Stop shedding all those tears for me.

 Please for me do not despair
For I am with you everywhere.
I live now within your soul.
Together now we make one whole.

I live deep inside of thee
More than just a memory.
I am laughter
I am hope
I am the strength that will
Help you cope.

 Like the moon I’ll always shine
On you through the darkest times.
My light will help you guide the way
We will take this day-by-day.

 You will feel me in the air
When I rustle up your hair
You will see me in the sky
A slice of silver riding high

 You will smell me in the Spring
When April’s showers flowers bring
And when you taste my favorite foods
I will lighten up the mood.

 Oh dear sister don’t you know
I could never let you go!
We will always be a team
I’ll come visit in your dreams

When you triumph, I will boast
When you’re sad, I’ll hold you close
For you my light will never cease
Because in you, I’ll be at peace.

In love and life, you are my key
We will always be YOU and ME.”

 In loving memory of Eileen.

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