Isn’t it bittersweet
How we said good-bye this time?
No tears were shed
No emptiness
No words left unspoken

Isn’t it bittersweet
How the deepest wounds will heal
Yet the echo of a time once past
Still lingers in the scar

Isn’t it bittersweet
The comfort that are we
A friendship—honest, open, warm
But it can never be—not with you at least

Isn’t it bittersweet how thankful I am now
To have shared with you a love once new
Despite our ending—

Your eyes still brim with laughter
Your smile . . . inviting. . . warm
Soft-spoken and enticing
Of you I’ll never bore

The summer sun beats on us
Parting once again
Commencing on the separate path
A new life does begin

And if you ever wonder
“What if? What if? What if?”
Remember that with us
No passage of time exists,

We’re two hearts connected
Once in a memory
A friendship bound–
You and me
For all eternity

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