Forget that we existed.
Forget that we were friends.
Erase from me your memory.
Let this be how our story ends.

Forget the late night phone calls
And early morning texts.
Forget hieroglyph emojis
What words could not express.

Forget those two nights of drinking.
Forget those nights’ regrets
Forget how we forgave
Rather than give into unspoken threats.

Forget the late night movies,
Award shows, and reality T.V.
Forget the snarky comments . . .
Forget how we could be mean.

Forget those intimate moments
When we glimpsed one another’s tales.
Forget those silly moments
When we both escaped our shells.

Forget that we were “there”
Most nights for almost two years.
Forget how we brought laughter
Forget assuaging fears.

Forget sharing YouTube videos
Of music, animals, and pranks.
Forget sunglasses and watch shopping
And temporarily breaking the bank.

Forget our inspiration
Forget our personal growth
Forget our anticipation
Forget reaching for our phones.

Forget the closeness of our presence
Despite living 300 miles apart.
Forget not feeling lonely
When we watched over each other’s hearts.

Forget the scores of promises
Forget planned visits that never became
Forget how when you met her
You forgot that we were friends.

Forget everything we experienced.
Forget the closeness of our shared past.
Forget the passion that drives us both,
It was never meant to last.

Free me from your memory
Let our story never have began.
Forgive me for erasing you
This is how our story ends.



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