Zoe’s Poem


A violet blooms.
A frightening night
Poisoned at an early life.
What a struggle life became.
Who to trust became a game.

Sheltered in a new cold home.
Seeking love, warmth, and the freedom to roam.

Strawberry blonde to the rescue!
But her orange cat said “PHEW!”
“My master’s love you will not take.”
A new home needed for her sake!

“Who will love me?” now she thought,
“When I go through life feeling so distraught.”

Then a stranger took her in.
A cautious love to begin. . .
“Zoe” is that now my name?
I like this house. It’s somewhat tame.

Home at first a scary site.
Nooks and crannies-what a fright!
So many places she could wander!
Was it safe to enjoy the splendor?

Day by day they became friends.
Accepting each other’s nuances.
Conversations began to flow.
“Do you like me newest beau?”

At first she didn’t know what to think.
She hoped he’d be gone in a blink.
She didn’t want to share her perfect home.
She feared again she’d be alone.

To her surprise they became a family—
One that included an interesting new sibling!
Soon they learned to get along
She never knew a love so strong.

But now she was getting old.
Her heart once strong began to unfold.
For her momma she held tight
Not wanting to leave her alone when she took flight.

Her time was coming to and end.
Her momma needed another friend.
One to fill the void she’d leave.
One who snuggled when she grieved.

Then one day a new sibling came.
My time is coming just the same.
“You are here to give her love
To fit to her like a well-worn glove.

Lick her face when she weeps for me.
To her heart, be the key.
Never let her feel alone.
Even when of you she groans.

Sit with her on moonless nights.
Go with her to see the sights.
Never let her heart go cold.
Be her fearless protector—be always bold.

Do not let her forget me!
Ease her pain and you shall see.
She will shower you with love.
She will give you morning hugs.

Walks and talks and games galore!
She’ll enchant you—sadness you will know no more!

You will live a long rich life–
One that’s full and free of strife

Comfort her and you will see.
She is to be your destiny.
As she was meant to be mine
Our lives were all meant to intertwine.

I do not regret our brew.
You came to her right on cue.”

“Momma, wipe away your misery.
Think of my rocky history.
Remember when you gave me a chance
When no one else would give me a glance?

To the doctor you took me
With my high anxiety
You fed me what would keep me calm
And kept me when I made our home a stink-bomb!

My life cut short is not the truth
It would’ve been long over if not for you.

Oh Momma! With you I lived!
I thrived! I grew! I became a friend!
A papa I got to know!
And that furry monster . . . well you know . . .

I was blessed with a family that grew from two to five
I could not have asked for a more glorious life—
Especially not with my early plight . . .
Hush now momma, you know I’m right.

Be at peace with my memory.
I’ll keep watch. You shall see.
I’ll brush my paw across your face
In the early mornings before you wake.

And I’ll be there when you go to sleep.
Frolicking about in your dreams.
Laugher will consume you soon.
Your heart once again shall bloom.

And I’ll be with you all the way.
Because from you, momma, I will never stray.”

~ I loving memory of Zoe Bauer







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