Give Me Wings To Fly


Two year ago I wrote
Of love and approbation
Your heart was then my guide–
But to you, I remained as one of your creations.

A few month later I questioned
“Should You?” as once mentioned
Be my inspiration?
Should you know
Of my simple admiration?

Your manners were
A reflection of hope
A living example
Of kindness unbroken

That was until the day
You left my heart forgotten.

I asked you to erase me
To forget that we were friends
It was the only way,
My heart could begin to mend.

But you lingered nonetheless
And I refused to let go
So our hearts became conjoined
When they were meant to grow

But the time has finally come
For the decision to be made
And to be frank,
I’m a little afraid.

But whatever’s meant to happen
What becomes of our new truth
One thing remains the same
I have changed because of you.

I ask of you one thing
Whatever you decide
Help me mend my wings
Help me take to the skies.

Be my inspiration
My guide one last time
Please dear old friend,
Promise you’ll help me fly.




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