I wasn’t a fan of my 20s. The years between 19 and 30 seemed to be plagued with a tangible sorrow brought on by mourning. I mourned the death of friends, mourned the end of our traditional family, and mourned the loss of love. The grief and despair I felt overshadowed all the goodness that happened in those years—forget friendships, spontaneous travel, and adventured brought on by my own impulsive nature. I vowed that my 30s would be different.

My 30s were going to be about focusing on the good and the lessons learned, while mocking the sadness. So I started this blog. I needed a place where I could write about it all—the good, the bad, the nothing, and the everything. I usually write when I’m on an emotional high or low, so please don’t read into any of this literally. It’s meant to document my experiences as I feel them, and nothing more.

Feel free to read about them, relate to them, despise them, or discuss them in private. Should you feel the desire to comment, know ahead of time that I will screen all comments and only make viewable those that I believe to be helpful to me and/or my readers.  

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