A Heart Still Healing

Will you think of me when I’m gone?
When you’ve met someone–
When you’ve moved on?

Will you keep me near your heart?
Will we keep speaking–
While worlds apart?

Will you answer when I call?
When I need you to catch me–
Before I fall?

Will you still want to be my guide?
And if so, will you make the time?

Questions I once asked
In our past
Worst fears come true
Change came to0 fast.

I don’t know what you’re thinking
All I know is that my heart’s still bleeding
Wishing for a time and place
Before I acted with such haste.

Before the wall grew thick and tall
Before you heard her siren call.

I wish I’d known
What you were thinking
That night I confessed
To you my feelings.

Or that night you set my
Whole heart riling
Betrayal, that’s what
I was feeling.

How could you treat me with such disrespect?
How could you think
You were doing your best?

Our friendship you risked
You set us aside.
For a chance at forever
With her at your side?

Didn’t you know
If it were meant to be.
Nothing would’ve been threatened
Not by a call with me . . .

You’ve moved on
Didn’t event thing twice!
When you knew of my
Internal plight.

You’ve moved on,
Not thinking twice!
Of a friendship that
Once brought you delight.

On to her
Without a second thought
Of a friendship forged
When two lives were distraught.

What was I ever you?
But someone to accompany you
While you were blue.

Our friendship was nothing
But a farce
It was nothing to you
But its end tore me apart.

Here I sit
Heart still shattered
My soul left
Cold and tattered.

Hoping to someday trust again
Hoping the next one
Deserves the love I can give.

Hoping he understands
When I’m slow to let him in
Hoping he’ll be patient
I’ll wait to begin.

And hoping that one day you’ll call to mend
What we once had as friends.

Hoping that what we had was strong
Hoping one day you’ll prove me wrong.


Give Me Wings To Fly


Two year ago I wrote
Of love and approbation
Your heart was then my guide–
But to you, I remained as one of your creations.

A few month later I questioned
“Should You?” as once mentioned
Be my inspiration?
Should you know
Of my simple admiration?

Your manners were
A reflection of hope
A living example
Of kindness unbroken

That was until the day
You left my heart forgotten.

I asked you to erase me
To forget that we were friends
It was the only way,
My heart could begin to mend.

But you lingered nonetheless
And I refused to let go
So our hearts became conjoined
When they were meant to grow

But the time has finally come
For the decision to be made
And to be frank,
I’m a little afraid.

But whatever’s meant to happen
What becomes of our new truth
One thing remains the same
I have changed because of you.

I ask of you one thing
Whatever you decide
Help me mend my wings
Help me take to the skies.

Be my inspiration
My guide one last time
Please dear old friend,
Promise you’ll help me fly.





Forget that we existed.
Forget that we were friends.
Erase from me your memory.
Let this be how our story ends.

Forget the late night phone calls
And early morning texts.
Forget hieroglyph emojis
What words could not express.

Forget those two nights of drinking.
Forget those nights’ regrets
Forget how we forgave
Rather than give into unspoken threats.

Forget the late night movies,
Award shows, and reality T.V.
Forget the snarky comments . . .
Forget how we could be mean.

Forget those intimate moments
When we glimpsed one another’s tales.
Forget those silly moments
When we both escaped our shells.

Forget that we were “there”
Most nights for almost two years.
Forget how we brought laughter
Forget assuaging fears.

Forget sharing YouTube videos
Of music, animals, and pranks.
Forget sunglasses and watch shopping
And temporarily breaking the bank.

Forget our inspiration
Forget our personal growth
Forget our anticipation
Forget reaching for our phones.

Forget the closeness of our presence
Despite living 300 miles apart.
Forget not feeling lonely
When we watched over each other’s hearts.

Forget the scores of promises
Forget planned visits that never became
Forget how when you met her
You forgot that we were friends.

Forget everything we experienced.
Forget the closeness of our shared past.
Forget the passion that drives us both,
It was never meant to last.

Free me from your memory
Let our story never have began.
Forgive me for erasing you
This is how our story ends.