First Snowfall of 2015 in Washington D.C.

January 6, 2015/Three Kings Day 2015

Three King’s Day 2015 coincided with the District of Columbia’s first snowfall of the year. To celebrate the feeling of living in a “Winter Wonderland,” I took photos of the National Mall during my lunch break.

Here are the unfiltered, un-Photoshopped, un-cropped photographs.

I began my walk with a stop at Potomac Park

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Then I took a walk from the Lincoln to the World War II Memorial, where I got an nice view of the Washington Monument.

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I figured I may as well visit the Vietnam and Korean War Memorials. The effect in the snow made me think “Beautiful Tragedy.” They both felt more solemn than normal.

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I ended my lunch break with a view of the Jefferson Memorial and Reagan National Airport.

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P.S. I don’t think anyone was planning on biking today . . .

Frozen Capitol Bikeshare